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The iced tea miners or: stock market profits thanks to Bitcoin evolution

From iced tea to blockchain: According to an investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week, the iced tea producer Long Blockchain is following its announcement with deeds and is currently expanding its mining business. With Chinese infrastructure from Bitmain, the company is thus following the change in the company’s course announced in December. Like many others, the beverage producer had not only announced that it was moving its business into the digital realm, but had also made a name for itself in marking this change and thus fired the starting shot for a genuine stock market flotation of its shares.

Bitcoin evolution gains thanks to name change

Blockchain – Hardly any new word creation seems to spray these days more future-orientation, esprit and innovative zeitgeist. Wherever Bitcoin evolution scam is written on it, it sells. This insight from last year 2017 has left its mark on many companies – be they banks, Fintech or supermarket chains. The iced tea manufacturer Long Blockchain is one of these free riders. After the tea producer formerly known as Long Island Icetea announced the name change last year, the next step in the New Yorker’s strategic Bitcoin evolution scam realignment is now following.

According to an investigation by the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) last Friday, 5 January, the company currently supplies 1,000 Bitcoin AntMiner S9 computing units from the Chinese manufacturer Bitmain. This is the first important step, according to company sources.

And the Bitcoin evolution continues

„We see the purchase as an important and decisive first step in the company’s focus on Bitcoin evolution technology. The start of our mining companies puts us on course to achieve bitcoin-blockchain-based profits in the Bitcoin evolution review future“, says Philip Thomas,

says Philip Thomas, Managing Director of Long Blockchain Corp.

With a view to the future production location, Long Blockchain is currently only claiming to want to gain a foothold in a „Nordic country“. Nevertheless, speculations remain as to whether Iceland, for example, could become the promised land of entrepreneurial reinvention due to low energy prices.

In addition, however, the company wants to continue to hold on to its iconic brand name and the associated beverages division.

This is the first time that the company has given shape to its plans to focus on blockchain technology in the future. Managing director Thomas had previously described this change in the company’s course as a unique opportunity.

In the course of the realignment and the associated change of name to Long Blockchain, the company also managed a remarkable coup on the American NASDAQ stock exchange.

The price of the company’s shares went through the roof after the renaming from just under two to around nine dollars and sniffed unimagined mountain air. All in all, the share price rose by almost 450 % – solely on the basis of undefined innovations in the future.

However, the Long Blockchain case is only one of many. Worldwide there is currently an increasing number of witnesses of strategic name changes, announcements and speculations around the supposedly future-determining terms blockchain and crypto currencies. For example, the British Internet company On-Line Blockchain was able to increase its share value by 400% with the name suffix Blockchain alone. In Germany, the broker Fritz Nols managed a similar feat at the end of December. Prior to this, the company had announced its intention to include crypto currencies in its portfolio.

As Bloomberg reports, the word „blockchain“ was found in 110 press releases in the first four days of the year alone.

This makes one thing clear – as long as the hype continues, speculation will continue and money will be earned on stock exchanges with mere empty words. The Long Blockchain case will therefore by no means be the last.