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Pomerdoge (POMD): Best Crypto Meme of 2023? Buy Now for 4,000% Surge!

• Cronos (CRO) and Quant (QNT) have been struggling with their negative price movement, so investors have looked for more profitable options.
• Cronos (CRO) Accelerator Program has increased the interest of investors in the coin due to its collaboration with Protocol Labs.
• Quant (QNT) had a bullish run due to its partnership with BIS and Bank of England, however, it has not been consistent.


Cronos (CRO) and Quant (QNT) have been struggling with their negative price movement for a while, which led investors to look for better options that would maintain their gains. Fortunately, there is a new project that comes with amazing perks – Pomerdoge – even offering native POMD tokens that expect a 4,000% surge during the presale!

Cronos’s Bullish Run

Recently, Cronos (CRO) announced a new development ahead of us – Cronos (CRO) Accelerator Program. The program was created after Cronos partnered up with Protocol Labs in order to provide workshops, technical support and mentorship from Protocol Labs. Consequently, investors gained interest; the price of Cronos has increased by 1.10% in the last 24 hours currently standing at $0.0569. Experts forecast that if this collaboration works out successfully, then Cronos may be back on the bull run again soon.

The Unpredictable Future Of Quant

Quant had an optimistic period due to its collaboration with BIS and Bank of England for Rosalind Project; however this didn’t last long as now it is down by 0.30%. The token currently costs $102.85 but its inconsistency scares away investors as it shows bottom pattern which isn’t positive news anytime soon . Analysts suggest that if Quant manages to break resistance level over $110 then it may return back on bullish run again .

Pomerdoge Outshines CRO & QNT

Pomerdoge is an attractive P2E game that connects people all around the world . It aims at creating an innovative product making sure users will enjoy using it through weekly giveaways , revenue percentages etc , offering native POMD tokens expecting 4 , 000 % surge during presale .


To sum up , both CRO & QNT are facing difficulties whereas Pomerdoge comes as a relief offering attractive perks such as weekly giveaways & revenue percentages alongwith native POMD tokens expecting 4000 % surge during presale .