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Cardano’s Djed Stablecoin Sees Mass Mints, Burns in Billion-Dollar Market

• Djed, the Cardano-based overcollateralized stablecoin, has achieved massive success two days after its launch; having minted 1.85 million tokens and burned 40,000 tokens.
• Djed and SHEN have been listed on many major platforms like Minswap, Wingriders, and MuesliSwap; as well as Bitrue and CoinMarketCap.
• Fundamental analysis platform CoinGecko and DeFi TVL aggregator DefiLlama have also unrolled Djed and SHEN to their users.

Cardano’s Overcollateralized Stablecoin Djed Sees Massive Success Two Days After Launch

Mints 1.85 Million Tokens & Burns 40,000

Cardano’s overcollateralized stablecoin Djed’s is making waves only two days after it’s launch Djed has achieved many milestones in a short period, including massive burn and nearly 2 million token mints. Djed, the Cardano-based overcollateralized stablecoin, is seeing immense success since its release to the market. In a blogpost recapping the launch of Djed, it was said that Djed has minted 1.85 million coins. A total of 40,000 Djed has also been burnt thus far. It has been only two days since we successfully launched Djed on Mainnet, and we are very pleased with the massive responses and participation that we have seen so far! COTI wrote in the medium blog post. Notably, Djed has launched only two days ago. The stablecoin was created with the joint effort of Cardano IOG and COTI. Not long after Djed’s launch, it attracted 27 million Cardano (ADA) tokens as backing. In addition, DjED has also received an 800% reserve ratio with 21M SHEN (DjED’s Reserve Coin) being mints and 73K SHEN were burnt for a 623% reserve ratio at when the blogpost was made .

Receives Listings on Major Platforms & Exchanges

Both DJED and SHEN are receiving wide coverage across many media publications since their launch Listings on many platforms have additionally reached to a sizable number DJED ans SHEN are now listed on major Cardano DEXs like Minswap Wingriders ans MuesliSwap Trading volume for both DJED/ADA ans SHEN/ADA pairs is increasing on these platforms Follow us for latest crypto news Additionally CoinMarketCap also listed both assets Bitrue major centralized cryptocurrency exchange picked up both DJED ans SHEN list them on its platform The listing will help increase DJED’s accessibility to crypto users globally Furthermore fundamental analysis platform CoinGecko ans DeFi TVL aggregator DefiLlama already unrolled DJED ans Shen to millions of users sites

27 Million ADA Backing & 800% Reserve Ratio

Notably not long after DJED’S launcg it attracted 27 million cardan(ADA)tokens as backing In addition DJED hsa also received an 800% reserve ratio With 21MSHNE(DJEd’s Reseve coin)being minteds nd73KSHNE being burntfor623%reserve ratio when the blog post was made Furthermore trading voulme for bothDJEAD/ADAandSHEND/ADApairsisincreasingontheseplatformsFollowusforlatestcryptonewsAdditionallyCoinmarketcapalsolistedbothassetsBitruemajorcentralizecryptocurrencyexchangepickedupbothDJEADansHNlistthemontheirplatformThelistingwillhelpincreaseDJEADaccessibilitytocryptousersgloballyFurthermoreFundamentalanalysisplatformCoinGeckopickupDefiTVLaggrgatorDefillamalreadyunrolleDJEAdanshenmillionsusersites

Listings On Major Platforms Increase Mainstream Adoption Of Both Assets

Bitrue major centralized cryptocurrency exchange picked up both DjeD ane Shen list them o their platform The listing will help increase DjeD accesibility crypto user globally furthermore Fundamentel analysos platfom Coingecko an DefiTVL aggragatot Defilam alreadu unroll DjeD an Shen millions user sites Moreover listin gons mnay plaforms hav additionally reached sizable number DjeD SHeN no listed major Cadono DEXS like MinSwp wngrider Mueliwsp Tading volumen fo boeth DjeA/Ada SheFilAda pair increasing thsee platfrms AdditionallyCoinMarketCapalsoistebothassets

Follow Us For Latest Crypto News Follow us for latest crypto news Additionally CoinMarketCap also listed both assets Bitrue major centralize crytpocurrenct exchnage pick up bot DhjeD ad Shen lis tthem their platfrom The lising will help increase DhJeDAccessibilty crupto usres globlly Furthesmore Fundamnetal analusis platform Coingecko pickup DeFiTL aggreator Defillma already unrolle DhJeDA nd Shne milions use sites